About Us

Choosing a Pre-school or School for your child is one of your most important responsibilities as a parent.

If you’re like most parents, you want your children to be educated in an environment where their intellectual abilities and self-esteem grow hand-in-hand, where imagination and curiosity are cultivated, where critical thinking and competencies flourish, where students learn to respect all cultures and all people, and where teachers care deeply for the whole person who is their student … and your child.  South Lake Montessori School (SLMS) is such a place.

SLMS is a diverse learning community where independence, positive self-esteem, critical thinking, academic progress, responsibility to self and others and a peaceful, appreciative stewardship of the Earth are fostered in each and every child.

SLMS is affiliated with Association Montessori International (AMI) – the only official Montessori Organization established initially in Europe by Dr. Montessori.  AMI-recognized schools are one where 100% of staff is AMI certified and the school is considered to follow Maria Montessori methods as originally designed.

SLMS is the only South Lake County Montessori School recognized by the official Montessori organization.  The US Patent Office in 1967 held that the Montessori name was public domain. Therefore, there are no regulations controlling the use of the Montessori name as a generic term. Many schools, pre-schools and nursery programs are allowed to call themselves Montessori. Only the AMI-recognized school, however, can be trusted to use the full spectrum of Montessori sanctioned and proven methods.

In addition to their undergraduate and graduate educations, the faculty at SLMS are trained Montessorians, AMI-recognized and with 35 combined years of experience directing in an AMI- Montessori environment.

SLMS founded its Primary environment in 1997 housed in a local Clermont Church. In 2001 SLMS established the current children’s house on DeSoto in historic downtown Clermont. The Elementary program for 6-12 year olds began in 2004.

Since 1997 over 300 children have been educated through SLMS at the following levels:

Primary: Ages 3-6
Elementary: Ages 6-12

SLMS offers the most continuum of Montessori education in the South Lake County area from pre-school through sixth grade. While a child can enter or leave SLMS at any point, the power of a nine-year Montessori education cannot be overstated.

Thank you for your interest in South Lake Montessori School. Please consider attending an upcoming seminar, book an interview with a current Montessori-parent, sign-up for updates and special events, or call to speak to one of the Directress’.  Enrollment happens yearlong – questions and applications are encouraged throughout the year.

YOU are your child’s best advocate and first teacher… Thank you for searching for an alternative education environment that will build a solid foundation for your child.